CABBIE Awards 2007: “Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment”

“Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment”

The ‘CABBIE’ is an award given by the Clean Air Board to people from the business community, medical community, schools or faith organizations in recognition of their leadership in addressing the air quality issue in our community.

From the Business Community:

Keen Transport, Inc.

Jesse Keen is Vice President of Keen Transport Inc., responsible for the purchase and maintenance of approximately 500 trucks and 1200 trailers that are owned and operated by Keen Transport, Cressler Trucking and PDQ Transport. From 1969 until October, 1999 he was president and owner of Keen Truck Rental & Leasing, a multi state leasing company that operated in excess of 2000 pieces of equipment. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Ameriquest, a national purchasing consortium of truck leasing and trucking companies. Jesse has served on numerous industry associations & trade groups, including president of Central Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association. Locally, he has served as Chairman of the annual United Way campaign & on the United Way Board. Most important for us, he serves as an advisor to the CAB executive board. From Jesse, we have been given a peek into the obstacles a driver faces while on the road as well as the maintenance, repair and cost of owning a fleet of trucks. A life long resident of Central Pennsylvania, he currently lives in Harrisburg with his wife Lorraine.

Pushing the transportation industry to take a leadership role in becoming part of the air quality solution, Jesse organized an educational symposium for area trucking firms and warehouse owners to raise awareness of the steps they can take to improve air quality. Jesse and Bill Keen have taken the lead in investing in the latest environmentally-friendly technology for their equipment, and have been active advocates to the DEP Environmental Quality Board for the CAB initiated state-wide anti-idling regulations.

For their leadership in showing their industry and us, how to be better stewards of the environment, Bill and Jesse Keen of Keen Transport, Inc. receive the CABBIE award.

From the Central Pennsylvania Community:

Dr. Russell and Jean Macaluso

Dr. Russell and Jean Macaluso asked us to convey this message for them:

After living in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the Macalusos were ready to live in a place that was not only beautiful but free of the stresses of city living. With two children in tow, Russ and Jean moved to Cumberland County seventeen years ago because it appeared to be an excellent area to work and raise a family. At that time, the landscape was more rural than urban and the presence of trucks was minimal.  Now that the warehousing and trucking industry has grown in leaps and bounds, changing the landscape and air quality, as health professionals, their concern for healthy air to breathe has increased as well.  They are interested both in gathering facts about the quality of the air we breathe and to do what they can to reduce the amount of pollution in the form of particulate matter in that same air.  They realize that they are doing this not only for their three children and future grandchildren but for this great community as well.

For stepping forward to allow the DEP to emplace an air quality monitor on their property, Dr. Russell and Jean Macaluso receive the CABBIE award.

From the Medical Community:

Dr. Philip Carey

Born in Gettysburg, Philip Carey received his undergraduate degree in biology from Harvard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Carey received his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1976 and received his Fellowship in Thoracic Medicine from Geisinger Medical Center in 1987. He has been a physician in Carlisle since 1980. He lives in Carlisle with his wife, Rebecca and son, Christian.

Dr. Carey gave us the impetus to start the Clean Air Board by writing the letter signed by over ¾ of the Cumberland County physicians, alerting the central Pennsylvania area residents to the dangers of PM2.5. He continues to raise the awareness of the public by giving presentations to elected officials, congregations, schools and organizations.

For his leadership in raising community awareness to the dangers of PM2.5, Dr. Carey receives the CABBIE award.

Drs. Jim and Marion Johnston

Jim and Marion Johnston are both retired physicians – Marion a retired pediatrician and Jim a former surgeon. They have resided in Carlisle for the past 42 years, and have been very involved in community groups, such as the Carlisle Theatre Board and Stevens Mental Health Center. The couple received the Molly Pitcher award for their community service. Marion and Jim have also spent a significant amount of time volunteering their medical services in third world countries such as Africa and Guatemala. They enjoy spending time with their five children and eleven grandchildren.

In the summer of 2005, after the EPA designated many areas around the country, including Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle and several other areas within Pennsylvania, as non-attainment for fine particulates , Jim and Marion raised the alarm in the medical community encouraging them to take action. They have been dependable supporters of CAB activities, still working behind the scenes to instigate action to improve our air quality.

For their leadership in sounding the first call to action on the dangers of PM2.5, Drs. Jim and Marion Johnston receive the CABBIE award.

Dr. David Masland

Dr. David Masland is a life-long resident of Cumberland County except for his time in medical school and serving his country in Panama. As a boy he used to ride horses to the top of the mountain and see clearly across the valley. As a young man he had the opportunity to study grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park and to learn falconry from the naturalists, Frank and John Craighead. His education and military service complete, David and Elizabeth – Trouble to her friends – came back home and raised their daughters, Janet and Kim, and their son, David, while practicing medicine. Now retired they have grandchildren they care about.  Dr. Masland has been the leading citizen of his generation in promoting conservation in our area, helping with all nature preservation efforts in recent memory.  Two summers ago Dr. Masland risked his reputation by placing his name on an open letter from physicians concerned with air pollution in Cumberland County.  You see, he was the one who took the crank calls.  Dr. Masland has received a number of awards for his good works but none of these awards have meant as much to him and his family as his resignation from the school board.  CAB wants to change that.  In the summer of 2005, Dr. Masland solicited area physicians’ support for the letter written by Dr. Phil Carey on the dangers of PM2.5. After receiving 106 signatures, he placed an ad in area newspapers to raise awareness and as a call for action. We want Dr. Masland to think of what he set in motion by publishing that open letter in the local newspapers every time he looks at this oak tree.  This monitor that we are celebrating today is a direct result of that letter.

For his leadership in organizing physicians to raise community awareness of the dangers of PM2.5, Dr. Masland receives the CABBIE award.

From the Religious Community:

Second Presbyterian Church

When Associate Pastor Jennifer McKenna read about Central Pennsylvania’s poor air quality in the advertisement published in area newspapers by physicians in August 2005, she inspired her church members to take action to address the problem. Second Presbyterian Church Sessions and members have continued to inspire and support the Clean Air Board while encouraging all congregations to join the Clean Air Board.

For its members’ unending support, which allowed the vision of CAB to become a reality, the Second Presbyterian Church receives the CABBIE Award.

From the Student Community:

Greg Ellerman

Greg graduated from Dickinson College in 2006 with an Environmental Science major. Born and raised in Newville, Pennsylvania, he feels fortunate to have attended college so close to his home and family. During the summer of 2006 Greg completed an academic internship which involved the new Dickinson Biodiesel project. Greg’s main objective for this project was to create a system for producing Biodiesel for use in all the college’s diesel equipment. Greg was instrumental in the entire process, from establishing contacts of local businesses to obtain used oil, picking up and delivering oil barrels, setting up the whole processing equipment, processing the oil and washing usable fuel. Now that he has completed his Dickinson degree, Greg hopes to attend Shippensburg University to begin his Masters degree in Geo. Environmental Studies. For now, Greg is enjoying working on the farm and riding horses.

For his efforts in bringing a more environmentally friendly alternative fuel to the Dickinson College community which helps improve all of our air quality, Greg Ellerman receives the CABBIE award.

Jensen Gelfond

Jensen Gelfond is a junior Environmental Studies major at Dickinson College. He originally hails from Long Valley, New Jersey, though his parents now live in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina. For the past two semesters Jensen has completed research with CAB on solutions to diesel truck idling. On campus Jensen has worked for the past 5 semesters as an Environmental Sustainability intern, implementing programs to aid in Dickinson’s recycling, waste reduction, and global warming awareness programs. Last semester he participated in Dickinson’s integrated environmental studies watershed semester, where he spent a month traveling to Louisiana to study marsh wetland loss and Hurricane Katrina. He resides in Dickinson’s Center for Sustainable Living, which is an environmentally friendly intentional community on Dickinson’s campus. When not stumping for the environment, Jensen enjoys backpacking, racquetball, and listening to baseball on the radio.

He has done two research papers for not only his classes, but for the CAB. The first paper is called Legislative and Technology Solutions to Truck-Generated Diesel Particulate Pollution in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and another paper that will be completed soon is called Reducing Diesel Truck Idling in Pennsylvania: An Examination of a Proposed Statewide Anti-Idling Regulation. Jensen received national attention from Argonne National Labs, who read his paper, “Legislative and Technological Solutions to Truck-Generated Diesel Particulate Pollution In Cumberland County, Pennsylvania” after it was posted on the CAB website. CAB used some of his research for our presentations.

For his efforts implementing the latest environmentally friendly programs for Dickinson College and for sharing his research papers with us, Jensen Gelfond receives the CABBIE award.

Dickinson College, Clean Air Board honor duo for research: Sentinel News

Dickinson College, Clean Air Board Honor Duo for Research

March 6, 2008: Sentinel News

By Staff Reports


The Dickinson College department of Physics & Astronomy and the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania presented awards to Howard Long, physics professor emeritus, and John Steigleman, retired department technician, for their pioneering air quality research from 1973-1980.

Long and Steigleman received 2008 Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment (CABBIE) awards for their work in monitoring airborne pollutants in the Carlisle region.

CABBIE Awards 2008: Howard Long Acceptance Speech

Speech Given by Professor Howard Long March 5, 2008

Members of the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania and the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Dickinson College, especially Priscilla Laws and Susan Greenbaum, to honor an old Professor, as old as I am, from my perspective, is indeed an event.

It was many years ago, some 75 years, that I, then a teenager, stood on an elevated threshing floor, in a barn on our farm, at an open door looking out over the golden colored fields of wheat; and in the distance several miles away I saw our church, standing out so clearly on a hillside.  I recall the grandeur of the countryside and the majesty of the church.  Today, some 75 years later, as I remember that scene I marvel at the clarity of it all.  The glorious scene immersed in an ocean of air—good, clean, life-sustaining air.

And then some 40 years later the clean air of my earlier years was no more.  How much had the automobile and truck traffic, and industrialization affected the pollution of the air…especially the level of carbon particulates?  What significant changes were occurring?  And so with John Steigleman’s help the project was begun…to examine the solid particulate density in the air above the Physics building.  Monitoring continued 24 hours a day, daily, for seven years from 1973 to 1980.

Today, 35 years later, as we consider the phenomenon of air pollution, I ask, “How can the air quality of my teenage years be brought back?  Isn’t that what we’re striving to achieve—good, clean, life-sustaining air?”  That is the challenge—the riddle which needs to be solved.

CABBIE Awards 2008: Gallery

CABBIE Awards 2008

Presented by the Dickinson College Department of Physics and Astronomy and CAB


Dr. Howard C. Long (photo courtesy of Dickinson College)

John Steigleman (photo courtesy of Dickinson College)

Professor T. Scott Smith presenting CABBIE Awards.

Dr. Long presenting his research to Dean Weissman.

Dr. David Jackson, Dickinson College Physics Department

Foreground: Dr. Kenneth Laws (L) and Dr. Windsor Morgan
Backgronud: Dr. David Masland (recipient of 2007 CABBIE Award)

Dr. Kenneth Laws talking to John Steigleman about the Air Quality monitor.

Dr. Priscilla Laws and Dr. John Luetzelschwab, Physics Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Howard Long receiving his CABBIE Award from Jensen Gelfond, Dickinson Class of 2008.

Dr. Priscilla Laws giving a presentation on the research done by Dr. Long in the 1970’s.
Download Dr. Laws’ PowerPoint presentation

Dr. Tom Benjey, member of CAB Executive Board, with Air Quality Monitor “Airestotle”.

The Monitor is On Duty: Sentinel News

May 7, 2007: Sentinel News

The Monitor is On Duty: New Device for Better Accuracy

By Jessica Bruni


Things were set up perfectly for a picnic at the Macaluso home in Carlisle. There were smiling faces, sunny skies, plenty of good eats … and a strange machine resembling a NASA leftover on the otherwise picturesque green lawn.

“I think I’m going to add arms to it and really make it look like a robot,” Russ Macaluso quipped.

Not quite.

Strange as it may look, the thing in question is an air-quality monitor.

On Sunday, the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania — to which Russ Macaluso and his wife, Jean, both belong — celebrated its installation by the state Department of Environmental Protection with a “Flip the Switch” party at the Macaluso home.

Although a similar monitor is set up on Route 34 in North Middleton, the board hopes the additional monitor, which actually won’t be turned on until Tuesday, will allow for more specific analysis of Carlisle area air quality, especially the fine particulate generated by local diesel fuel use.

CABBIE awards

CAB also look the opportunity to present its CABBIE awards. The CABBIEs, which stand for Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment, were given in recognition of those who used their leadership to address air quality issues in the community. Honored were Greg Ellerman, Jensen Gelfond, the Macalusos, Keen, Philip Carey, David Masland and Jim and Marion Johnston.


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