Air quality action – July 12, 2014

A(n) Air Quality Action Day has been declared for Susquehanna Valley, PA, on Saturday, Jul 12

Tomorrow’s Forecast
Saturday, Jul 12: 105 AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Ozone
73 AQI Moderate Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
Extended Forecast
Sunday, Jul 13: 78 AQI Moderate Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
55 AQI Moderate Ozone

No meeting in July

The Clean Air Board will not be meeting in July.  See you in August – date to be announced.

Clean Air Board guest editorial

The Carlisle Sentinel published a guest editorial by members of the Clean Air Board.

State of the Air – 2014

The American Lung Association has released its State of the Air report for 2014. To see the full report, go to  Enter the zip code for your area for fine particulate measurements.  Cumberland Co. does not have an ozone monitor, so you will have to rely on the data from Dauphin Co.

Do something good for the environment

The Cumberland Conservation Collaborative is sponsoring a “Clean Cumberland Action Day” on Saturday, May 3 through public events being held throughout the County by its members.  Clean up and restoration opportunities including multi-use rail trails, waterways, and the Appalachian Trail are planned and seeking active volunteer participation.

Saturday, May 3 is not the only day for volunteer action.  Outdoor volunteer projects are being planned during  the next several weeks.  Here is a link to volunteer opportunities from the many organizations of the Cumberland Conservation Collaborative.   Sign up for one now.!volunteer-opportunities/c1e0c 

Support clean burning wood-heaters

Less wood smoke means healthier air

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new limits on harmful air pollution from new wood-burning devices. These devices, such as boilers, furnaces, and stoves, can subject a neighborhood to dangerous air pollution. Wood smoke, which contains soot, carbon monoxide, and other toxic air pollutants, can trigger asthma attacks, cause cancer, and even cut short lives.

Wood smoke can pollute a neighborhood and can travel miles away. That means people who live nearby and far away can suffer from inhaling wood smoke. Strong standards will help ensure that new wood burning devices are much cleaner and do not further pollute our air. EPA needs to adopt these long-overdue standards to protect our health and our neighborhoods from harmful wood smoke-related air pollutants.

To send a comment to EPA, click on the American Lung Association link:

Clean Air Board Community Meeting, Wed., April 16, 7 pm

The Clean Air Board will be meeting on Wednesday, April 16,  at 7 pm at the Second Presbyterian Church, at 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle.   The Clean Air Board will be discussing Earth Day activities.  For directions, go to:


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