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The Cumberland Conservation Collaborative is sponsoring a “Clean Cumberland Action Day” on Saturday, May 3 through public events being held throughout the County by its members.  Clean up and restoration opportunities including multi-use rail trails, waterways, and the Appalachian Trail are planned and seeking active volunteer participation.

Saturday, May 3 is not the only day for volunteer action.  Outdoor volunteer projects are being planned during  the next several weeks.  Here is a link to volunteer opportunities from the many organizations of the Cumberland Conservation Collaborative.   Sign up for one now.!volunteer-opportunities/c1e0c 

How Do We Improve Our Air Quality?

Join us for the next Clean Air Board community meeting.  We will hold a public forum on:  How Do We Improve Our Air Quality? We will engage in the discussion started by the Carlisle Sentinel about what measures can be taken to improve our air quality.   Bring your ideas and suggestions.

The Clean Air Board meets on May 2,  7 pm  at the Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013  For directions:

Carlisle Road Diet Wins CABBIE Award

Carlisle road diet project wins second award

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Since its planning stages, Carlisle’s road diet has attracted a lot of attention – positive and negative attention.

Now that it’s done, the project is also winning awards.

The Borough of Carlisle tonight will receive an award from the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania for the project, which was already honored in October with a project of the year award by the Mid-Atlantic Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

CABBIE Awards 2008: Howard Long Acceptance Speech

Speech Given by Professor Howard Long March 5, 2008

Members of the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania and the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Dickinson College, especially Priscilla Laws and Susan Greenbaum, to honor an old Professor, as old as I am, from my perspective, is indeed an event.

It was many years ago, some 75 years, that I, then a teenager, stood on an elevated threshing floor, in a barn on our farm, at an open door looking out over the golden colored fields of wheat; and in the distance several miles away I saw our church, standing out so clearly on a hillside.  I recall the grandeur of the countryside and the majesty of the church.  Today, some 75 years later, as I remember that scene I marvel at the clarity of it all.  The glorious scene immersed in an ocean of air—good, clean, life-sustaining air.

And then some 40 years later the clean air of my earlier years was no more.  How much had the automobile and truck traffic, and industrialization affected the pollution of the air…especially the level of carbon particulates?  What significant changes were occurring?  And so with John Steigleman’s help the project was begun…to examine the solid particulate density in the air above the Physics building.  Monitoring continued 24 hours a day, daily, for seven years from 1973 to 1980.

Today, 35 years later, as we consider the phenomenon of air pollution, I ask, “How can the air quality of my teenage years be brought back?  Isn’t that what we’re striving to achieve—good, clean, life-sustaining air?”  That is the challenge—the riddle which needs to be solved.

Pledge Can Help With Air Quality: Sentinel News

June 28th, 2006: The Sentinel News

Pledge Can Help With Air Quality


Excerpt: It’s good to see a local firm take the lead on an important issue, so we’d like to compliment Keen Transport on its offer to take the ‘no-idling’ pledge.

Local residents, including clergy people, doctors and medical professionals, have recently taken note of the growth of particulate emissions in the greater Cumberland County area, most likely fueled by the increasing trend toward warehouse development.

And where there are warehouses, there are large diesel trucks, which, unlike cars and light trucks, are not required to carry emissions-control equipment.

Trucking Firms Pledge Crackdown on Idling: Sentinel News

June 28th, 2006: The Sentinel News

Firms Pledge Crackdown on Idling

By Linda Franz

Excerpt: Representatives from about a dozen Carlisle area truck companies and warehousing and distribution firms Tuesday signed an anti-idling resolution aimed at reducing diesel exhaust pollution.

“I think the No. 1 thing we can do is educate our drivers,” said Jesse Keen, vice president of Keen Transportation, Middlesex Township, and cosponsor of the meeting along with the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania. “Fuel is money. When you’re out of the truck, shut it down.”

The voluntary pledge calls on participants to:

• provide anti-idling training to drivers and monitor their compliance.

• post “no unauthorized idling” signs at its facilities.

• inform independent drivers and contracted delivery companies who enter their facilities of their policy.

Keen Transport Works to Reduce Diesel Truck Idling: Sentinel News

June 26th, 2006: The Sentinel News

Keen: Reduce Diesel Truck Idling

By David Blymire

Excerpt: “Keen Transport and anti-pollution activists are meeting Tuesday to encourage area trucking companies to reduce unnecessary diesel truck idling.”


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