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Airestotle has Arrived: CAB Press Release

Airestotle, a Portable PM2.5 Monitor

Portable PM2.5 Monitor Has Arrived

Carlisle, PA (November 21, 2007) – The Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley (UUCV), as part of their commitment to the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. (CAB), raised funds for the purchase of a monitor to sample the air we are breathing. Keen Transport offered matching funds which expedited the fund-raising process significantly. The monitor has arrived and five CAB members have received factory training in its operation. The monitor was unveiled at a press conference on November 28, 2007 at Keen Transport.

CAB also conducted a naming contest for the monitor. The winning name is “Airestotle”, and the winner is Connie Rae Clark.

Cumberland County air quality is poorer than EPA standards and has been designated as being in non-attainment of the EPA Annual PM2.5 standard. Pennsylvania DEP is now requesting that Cumberland County also be designated as being in non-attainment of the PM2.5 24-hour standard. DEP/EPA currently have two PM2.5 monitors at fixed locations in Cumberland County that show that our air is among the nation’s worst. This portable monitor can be used to identify areas that are candidates for closer scrutiny by the EPA/DEP.

The Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley is a congregation whose mission is to transform lives and care for the world. Unitarian Universalists have long been advocates for care of the environment and for health. They are pleased to cooperate with CAB in working to assure that the air we breathe does not compromise the health of people who live and work in our communities.

The Clean Air Board was formed in the fall of 2005 after over 100 Cumberland County physicians signed and published in the newspaper an open letter informing the community of the growing danger of ozone and particulate pollution. The Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania is a faith-based citizens’ initiative dedicated to achieving clean air to protect our health and quality of life.

We accomplish our mission by:

· raising public awareness of air quality issues

· advocating, promoting and coordinating policy and practices for clean air

· monitoring air quality


Aristotle’s work was very important to ethics, politics, science, and philosophy.

His scientific work was grounded in empirical approach — starting with observation and data — and moving from there to understanding how the world worked. Thus our monitor falls in that tradition of observing and collecting information (data) from which we hope to better understand air quality in the Cumberland Valley.

With regard to communities, Aristotle was among the first to argue that the city is organic, growing naturally. He claimed that as citizens we have a responsibility to community and its care. CAB’s commitment to air quality as it relates to health is in that tradition of care for the values of the community.

Aristotle’s ethics were about moderation and steering a course between the evils of excess and asceticism. Some would suggest that CAB falls into that with regard to our region — that we seek to be mainstream, not radical on issues of balance (an important concept for Aristotle) between modern life and development and reasonable care for our health and wellness.

– Rev. Duane Fickeisen


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