Mt. Holly passes burning ordinance: Sentinel News

September 15, 2009: Sentinel News

Mt. Holly passes burning ordinance

By Staff Reports

Be careful what you burn in Mt. Holly Springs.

Borough council passed an ordinance Monday regulating outdoor burning. According to the ordinance, it is intended to promote the health, safety and welfare and to safeguard health, comfort, living conditions and property values by regulating outdoor and open burning.

Council voted 4-2 to approve the draft without comment. Councilman Jim Collins and Councilwoman Suzanne Cornman voted against the ordinance. Councilwoman Deborah Brophy was absent.

According to the regulations, outdoor burning is defined as open burning or burning in an outdoor wood-fired boiler. Open burning means, “maintaining a fire where the products of combustion are emitted directing into the ambient air without passing through a stack or a chimney,” including a burn barrel.

Open burning is permitted in the borough under certain conditions. No trash may be burned. Leaf waste may be burned, but only in a non-combustible container and only a safe distance from a building, vegetation or other combustible material.


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