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No Idle Law Takes Effect May 1: abc27 News Coverage

Watch: abc27 News coverage, No Idle Law Takes Effect May 1

ABC 27 Talkback:
Carlisle, Pa. – Starting Saturday, trucks and buses will no longer be allowed to idle anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

The “No-Idle” law prohibits drivers from running their engines for more than five minutes each hour while they’re parked. It’s all part of an effort to improve air quality in the Commonwealth.

Enforcement will be up to municipal and state police, as well as the Department of Environmental Protection. Fines for non-compliance start at around $300.

“It’s probably going to be failure to follow a traffic sign, but we’re really going to be asking the trucking companies to help out with this too,” said Fritzi Schreffler, a PennDOT spokeswoman.

PennDOT started posting signs in 2009, but the law gave truckers an exemption until May 1 so they could equip their vehicles with battery-powered heaters or generators.


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