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CABBIE Awards 2009: Mike Hurley

Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment (CABBIE) Awards


CABBIE Award presented to Mike Hurley

Mary Kay Durham, Mike Hurley and Win Cleland

March 19th, 2009 – The Clean Air Board annually presents Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment, CABBIE awards to people who are making a real difference for air quality in Central Pennsylvania. We are pleased to present Mike Hurley a CABBIE award for leading the effort to significantly reduce school bus idling in central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Mike served as President the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) in 2006-2007. With 3600 members state-wide representing 450 school districts, Mike had the opportunity to take a leadership role in promoting school bus anti-idling guidelines statewide. Last year, he was appointed to the School Committee and provided the membership with idle reduction articles and tips, including a presentation…all before we were assured that an anti-idling regulation or law would ever be passed.

Mike led the development of the first school district anti-idling guidelines in the region, provided anti-idling materials and developed a training session for District school bus drivers, installed anti-idling signs at District schools, again before the recently enacted law required anti-idling signage and invited CAB members to present to school bus drivers the health concerns of diesel particulate matter.

Presenting this award to Mike Hurley also recognizes the leadership that Mrs. Mary Kay Durham and the Carlisle Area School District has shown in making the district a model for reducing school bus idling to protect students’ health.

Plaque reads:


Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment presented on March 19, 2009 to Mike Hurley in recognition of diligent work to protect students’ health by promoting a school bus anti-idling program for Carlisle Area School District and the state of Pennsylvania.

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