Air Quality Action Day declared for Saturday, Jun 19

A(n) Air Quality Action Day has been declared for Susquehanna Valley, PA, on Saturday, Jun 19
Tomorrow’s Forecast
Saturday, Jun 19: 110 AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Ozone

Extended Forecast
Sunday, Jun 20: 91 AQI Moderate Ozone
Monday, Jun 21: 87 AQI Moderate Ozone

Here are some Air Quality Action Day tips you can follow to help reduce pollution:

Days when ozone levels are expected to be high:

* Conserve electricity and set your air conditioner at a higher temperature.
* Choose a cleaner commute—share a ride to work or use public transportation. Bicycle or walk to errands when possible.
* Refuel cars and trucks after dusk.
* Combine errands and reduce trips.
* Limit engine idling.
* Use household, workshop, and garden chemicals in ways that keep evaporation to a minimum, or try to delay using them when poor air quality is forecast.


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