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DEP extends air quality alert to Saturday and Sunday

A(n) Air Quality Action Day has been declared for Susquehanna Valley, PA, on Saturday, Dec 12
Tomorrow’s Forecast
Saturday, Dec 12: 105 AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)

Extended Forecast
Sunday, Dec 13: 104 AQI Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
Monday, Dec 14: 60 AQI Moderate Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
Tuesday, Dec 15: 50 AQI Good Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
*** Saturday’s Forecast: If conditions over the past few days had to be summarized using three words, a good choice would be to use foggy, hazy, and mild. All three of those will be the story for the weather again on Saturday. Temperatures have the potential to climb into the 60s, which is well above normal for almost the middle of December. Light surface winds and increasing moisture as warmer air moves in aloft ahead of the next approaching system may limit just how high these temperatures peak for the day as the fog will continue and should be tough to break under mostly cloudy conditions. Based on the light winds, warmer air moving in aloft, continually increasing moisture near the surface, and PM-2.5 concentrations already elevated in the high moderate range for some locations on Friday, it is expected that there will be at least a few scattered Code Orange readings across the region. There is a possibility that the fog becomes so thick that it seems as if a light rain is falling, which we sometimes see helps to clear out the air somewhat. This precipitating fog scenario likely would not occur across the entire area, perhaps more situational due to terrain/etc., so a continuation of expecting Code Orange PM-2.5 concentrations will continue. *** Sunday’s Forecast: Similar conditions as Saturday will occur on Sunday with the fog, haze, and above normal temperatures continuing. Moisture levels will continue to rise with the peak of the warm air aloft moving in overhead by late in the day. Temperatures are again expected to reach the 60s, but thick fog and mostly cloudy skies will yet again have a say in that. Unless concentrations fall across the region over the course of the day on Saturday, PM-2.5 should once again remain at levels high in the moderate range to low Code Orange range. *** Monday’s Forecast: The best chance for precipitation over this forecast period will be on Monday, but with the mild temperatures will be in the form of rain showers. Monday will see an interesting transition from the fog and haze from over the weekend to windy and wet. On average for the day, PM-2.5 concentrations will likely end up in the moderate range. The first few hours of the day could see concentrations continue at Code Orange levels that will fall over the course of the day as the winds increase and precipitation later arrives. Some locations could very well fall to the good range by the end of the day. If the fog struggles to lift over both days of the weekend, the increasing winds mixing the warmer air aloft down to the surface could result in the highest temperature over these three days occurring briefly on Monday. The precipitation will move out by late evening.

For more information, go to DEP news release

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