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    Community meetings are generally held at Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA

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Provide Input on How to Reduce Pollution

Clean Air Board community meeting, June 1, 7 pm.  Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013

The Clean Air Board has been closely following the lawsuit between the federal government and the Volkswagen corporation over fraudulent actions to disguise the fact that it was not complying with diesel engine emission standards.  The lawsuit has ended in a settlement, whereby Volkswagen agreed to pay states to conduct programs to reduce air pollution caused by its products.

On May 19, 2017, Governor Wolf announced that he was seeking ideas on how to spend $118 million from the Volkswagen settlement to pay for projects to reduce air pollution in Pennsylvania. Settlement funds can be used to pay for ten types of vehicle upgrade and infrastructure projects, including converting older diesel vehicles and equipment to cleaner burning fuels, and electric vehicle infrastructure.  On May 20, the Department of Environmental Protection published a  Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Relating to the Volkswagen Settlement; Listening Sessions and Solicitation of Public Input

The list of projects that are eligible for funding:

  1. Class 8 Local Trucks and Port Drayage Trucks
  2. Class 4-8 School Bus, Shuttle Bus, or Transit Bus
  3. Railroad Freight Switcher Locomotives
  4. Ferries/Tugs
  5. Ocean Going Vessels Shorepower
  6. Class 4-7 Local Freight Trucks
  7. Airport Ground Support Equipment
  8. Forklifts
  9. Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment
  10. Matching funds for projects eligible under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act

The Clean Air Board will be holding a discussion session at its community meeting on June 1, 2017, at 7 pm on your ideas on how to reduce pollution under the settlement.

Citizens can comment on a draft plan to allocate money to pollution control projects until July 5, 2017.   For additional information, go to: http://www.ahs.dep.pa.gov/NewsRoomPublic/articleviewer.aspx?id=21203&typeid=1


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