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    Community meetings are generally held at Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA

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August ~ area doctors place an ad in newspapers to raise awareness of poor air quality in our area

October ~ concerned church members begin meeting to address the poor air quality

November ~ Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania emerged out of this faith-based group

November ~ sent letter out to area clergy about the formation of CAB and asked for their support

December ~ contacted congregations by email to ask them to sign the CAB resolution


January 19 ~ participated in a press conference in the Capitol rotunda with PennEnvironment, Clean Air Council, and American Lung Association.

February 22 ~ participated in press conference with Clean Air Task Force and PennFuture regarding lowering of EPA air quality standards for PM 2.5 (soot pollution).

March 1 ~ CAB met with David Mazur, Director of PennEnvironment

March 15 ~ CAB website launched

March 6 ~ Reverend McKenna met with DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty

March 8 ~ CAB testified at the EPA public hearing in Philadelphia regarding the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate

March 13 ~ produced brochure for the Symposium

March 14 ~ met with Cumberland County Commissioner Rick Rovegno

March 21 ~ produced DVD of Dr. Philip Carey speaking about the effects of PM 2.5 on our health

March 24 ~ Mission Statement developed

March 27 ~ met with Dickinson College Community Studies Department to investigate possibilities of future partnership

April 6 ~ first official Clean Air Board Central Pennsylvania meeting at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Carlisle

April 6 ~ Mission Statement formally adopted;

The Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania is a faith-based organization dedicated to achieving clean air to protect our health and quality of life.

We accomplish our mission by…

~ raising public awareness of air quality issues

~ advocating, promoting and coordinating policy and practices for clean air

~ monitoring air quality

April 14 ~ Articles of Incorporation received

April 20 ~ presentation to the Central Cumberland County Task Force on Regional Development

April 20 ~ presentation to the Y’s Men Club of Carlisle

April 21 ~ press conference with DEP at Keen Transport announcing their commitment (at CAB request) of $75,000 for air quality testing with mobile monitor and a year long air monitor at one site.

April 22 ~ CAB “Pollution in Paradise” Symposium (attendance over 200)

May ~ met with Cumberland County Commissioner Bruce Barclay

May 18 ~ CAB strategy meeting

June 1 ~ CAB adopted by-laws

June 27 ~ mini symposium with CAB participating in a panel presentation with Jesse Keen of Keen Transport and area trucking company owners and warehouse owners encouraging them to enforce anti-idling on their properties

June 26 ~ made a presentation to the York Grass Roots Environmental Club

June 29th ~ met with Carlisle Chamber of Commerce, L egislative Affairs Committee

July 11 ~ met with Senator Pat Vance Chief of Staff, Mark Ryan

July 14 ~ met with Sentinel Editor, Hope Stephan

July ~ had phone conference call with PennFuture, PennEnvironment, American Lung Association, Clean Air Council, GASP, an independent environmental attorney, Clean Water Action, Philadelphia Air Management Services, and Clean Air Task Force

July 17 ~ attended Dickinson Township Supervisors meeting to support clean air focus

July ~ DEP mobile monitors tested four locations for the prospect of one being a suitable site for the stationary AQ monitor

August 8 ~ produced a limited number of a DRAFT of the Health Brochure for our fundraising letter and school district approval

August 8 ~ fundraising letter to doctors who signed the original ad went out with request for money for Health Brochure production

August 9 ~ presentation to the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission in Harrisburg

August 9 ~ by invitation, CAB attended the DEP media event where Secretary McGinty officially opened 72 IdleAire. She symbolically signed the Transportation Industry’s Anti-idling Resolution to support the Keen initiative.

August 24 ~ met with DEP about the year-long air quality monitor location

August 28 ~ every Sunday night through October 16 worked on anti-idling petitions

September 7 ~ fundraising letter sent to physicians in the Pennsylvania Medical Society

September 9 ~ Power Point presentation developed for CAB presentations

September 13 ~ contacted Carlisle Arts Learning Center about having a contest to design a logo for CAB

September 14 ~ presentation by panel to Dickinson College Student Leaders through College Community Connection Committee Office

September 19 ~ presentation to Pennsylvania Motor Transportation Association Board of Directors and asked for their support of our anti-idling petitions

September 19 ~ presentation to Cumberland County Medical Society and received their support

September 20 ~ presentation to Second Presbyterian Church

September 27 ~ distributed CAB information at the Appalachian Audubon Society event with Walkin’ Jim’s Forever Wild Concert at Mechanicsburg Middle School

October 8 ~ presentation to First Presbyterian Church

October 9 ~ presentation to Western Cumberland County Council of Governments and received their support for anti-idling petitions

October 13 ~ presentation to Congressman Todd Platts

October 16 ~ presentation to South Middleton School District School Board

October17 ~ presentation to Carlisle Ministerium

October 18 ~ press conference in state capitol about our anti-idling petitions

October 18 ~ petitioned Environmental Quality Board of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency to enact statewide anti-idling regulations

October 18 ~ petitioned Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to enact/enforce statewide anti-idling regulations

October ~ presentation to the Pennsylvania Medical Society and asked for their support of CAB anti-idling initiatives

October 27 ~ CAB event showing of “An Inconvenient Truth”

October 29 ~ meeting to determine next steps for air quality monitoring

October 30 ~ over 400 people and five congregations have signed the CAB resolution

November 1-30 ~ participated in the comment period for the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study

November 3 ~ met with the Legislative Action Committee of the Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce asking for their support of our anti-idling petitions

November 14 ~ presentation to Carlisle Hospital Board President and CEO

November 16 ~ WITF TV featured Chuck, Jen, and CAB on their show about warehouses

November 19 ~ “Next Steps” planning meeting for CAB

November 20 ~ participated in public comment on the 2006 Harrisburg Area Transit Study

November 20 ~ presentation to the West Shore Council of Governments

November 28 ~ panel presentation at Dickinson College EarthNOW Seminar

November 30 ~ over 500 people and seven congregations have signed the CAB resolution

December 1 ~ met with Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation staff

December 1 ~ attended the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study Technical Committee meeting where they responded to our public comments and questions about the Study they do every four years

December 1 ~ published 15,000 Children’s Health Brochures for distribution in schools

December 7 ~ Congressman Todd Platts looked into our application for nonprofit status with the IRS and received the explanation that with Hurricane Katrina, there is a backlog and priority rightfully being given to those charities applications

December 14 ~ attended DEP Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee meeting where Joyce Epps, the director of Air Quality, reported that the Department would recommend that the EQB accept CAB petition as “appropriate for rulemaking by the EQB”. The acceptance of the petition does not mean that the EQB will approve the regulation. It triggers a staff report on the merits of the proposed regulation which is the next step.

December 15 ~ attended the HATS Coordinating Committee meeting

December 20 ~ presentations to the DEP Environmental Quality Board staff members; Jennifer Minich with Representative George’s office, Richard Fox with Senator Ray Musto’s office, and Patrick Henderson with Senator Mary Jo White’s office

December 21 ~ presentation to Carlisle Area School District School Board


January 2 ~ phone conversation with Secretary McGinty about the AQ monitor for Carlisle and grants for alternate power units for truck drivers

January 4 ~ met with Senator Pat Vance about our anti-idling petition to the EQB

January 4 ~ Mike Ridgeway Outreach Coordinator, Air Quality Partnership of the Susquehanna Valley came to our Community Meeting for information sharing opportunity for our two organizations and a discussion for future collaboration

January 5 ~ met with Kirk Stoner, Director of the Cumberland County Planning Commission

January 8 ~ A United Way program for new mothers called “Success by 6” has agreed to include the CAB Children’s Health brochure in all their packets for new mothers

January 10 ~ presentation to two 3rd grade classes at Broad Street Elementary School in Mechanicsburg

January 13 ~ CAB interviewed by WHYL radio station host Rick Smith

January 16 ~ received letter of support for the CAB anti-idling petitions from the Cumberland County Commissioners

January 17 ~ presentation to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Quality Board (EQB) about our anti-idling petition

January 17 ~ The Environmental Quality Board (EQB), an independent state board that approves environmental regulations, voted unanimously to accept for study the CAB petition to determine if a regulation limiting commercial diesel-engine idling is needed to improve air quality in Pennsylvania.
January 17 ~ presentation to the DEP EQB Citizens Advisory Council

January 19 ~ Carlisle Area School District distributed the CAB Children’s Health brochure to all their students (K-8 was take home with 9-12 mailed in the newsletter)

February 3 ~ CAB submitted the only comments on the DEP intention to submit a proposed revision of the state implementation plan for the 8-hour ozone standard for the Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle area. CAB believes that the Commonwealth has made great strides in attaining the ozone ambient air quality standard. However, DEP has installed no monitoring stations for ozone either in Carlisle or Lebanon. CAB requested that DEP monitor ambient ozone concentrations in Carlisle and Lebanon. CAB believes that the lack of actual measurements of ambient ozone concentrations in the Carlisle area is a serious impediment to redesignation. CAB requested that the Carlisle area not be declared attainment until DEP has received or taken measurements of ozone in Carlisle.

February 6 ~ met with Mechanicsburg Borough Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) at their request to look at partnership possibilities

February 22 ~ spoke at the Carlisle Borough Community Planning and Quality of Life Committee meeting about truck traffic in Carlisle.

February 23 ~ participated in a press conference at the request of the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation announcing their air quality assessment done for the Carlisle area with it concluding there is an air quality problem

March 13 ~ presentation to Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation Board of Directors

March 17 ~ in light of area municipalities and townships starting to develop their own anti-idling laws, CAB sent them our state-wide anti-idling petition to encourage its use as a model

March 20 ~ Carlisle Arts Learning Center Open House announced the winner of the CAB poster contest, Malcolm Scobell

March 21 ~ DEP gave their response to the CAB anti-idling petition at the Citizen’s Advisory Committee meeting

March 23 ~ met with President Bill Durden of Dickinson College

March 10 ~ made Power Point presentation on CDs for teachers to use in the classrooms about the hazards of diesel particulate matter (DPM)

April 10 ~ several CAB members participated on the panel of Dickinson College Clark Forum for Contemporary Issues program, “Local Air Quality: Past, Present & Future?”

April 15 ~ presentation to Harrisburg Market Street Presbyterian Church

April 26 ~ presentation to North Middleton Township Board of Supervisors

April 27 ~ presentation to the Middlesex Township Board of Supervisors

April 27 ~ presentation to the Carlisle Regional Medical Center hospital staff

May 1 ~ presentation to Carlisle Rotary Club

May 3 ~ CAB Community meeting with presentation on Rails by Tom Sweeney

May 5 ~ CAB participated in the Mechanicsburg Parks and Rec E-day 2007 or Environmental Earth Education event

May 6 ~ “Flip the Switch” CAB party to celebrate the DEP air quality stationary monitor installation and presentation of the CABBIE awards

May 10 ~ met with PennDOT, PA State Troopers and DEP to discuss enforcement options for a statewide anti-idling regulation. The importance of driver and truck stop operator education was emphasized.

May 15 ~ presentation to Market Street Presbyterian Church Sessions

May 16 ~ DEP response to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) about the CAB anti-idling petition http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/pubpartcenter/cwp/view.asp?a=3&q=515987

DEP recommendations to the EQB:

• A statewide idling rule would eliminate some diesel emissions and contribute to progress towards meeting and maintaining air standards as well as have fuel benefits.
• DEP is authorized to adopt a regulation; law enforcement agencies could also enforce.
• A few counties are disproportionately affected by idling, but the state and national trucking industry prefer statewide consistency.
• Proactive, educational enforcement would be most effective, including drivers, fleet owners, and property owners.
• The Department should move forward with development of a proposed regulation within six months, considering the petitioner’s suggested language as well as the EPA model.
The EQB voted to accept the recommendations.

May 18 ~ Unitarian Universalists of Cumberland Valley held a press conference at Keen Transport announcing that with a generous matching gift designated for purchase of an air quality monitor of $7,500 from Keen Transport, they have met their goal to purchase a portable, real-time monitor for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in air. CAB will maintain and operate the monitor.

May 24 ~ met with DEP to explain how CAB came up with the language for the anti-idling petition and our progress to date. DEP also reviewed the regulatory process going forward.

June 30 ~ CAB had an information table at Carlisle Summerfair and sold t-shirts and note cards and handed out our brochures

July 25 ~ CAB met with Joe Deklinski, executive director for Representative Scott Hutchinson of Vernango County (Environmental Resources and Energy Committee). On behalf of Rep. Hutchinson, Joe Deklinski cast the only “no” vote at the Environmental Quality Board meeting on May 16 on the motion to direct DEP to develop an anti-idling regulation. We asked Mr. Deklinski to explain the “no” vote and also talked at length about the merits of the proposed regulation.

July 26 ~ DEP’s Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee voted to approve sending the draft anti-idling regulation on to the Environmental Quality Board.

August 2 ~ Due to our work in reducing diesel pollution, CAB was invited to join the National Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution, and sign on to their platform. CAB attended the annual meeting of the National Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution, sponsored by the Clean Air Task Force, in Manchester, NH, on August 2-3. The partnership’s current goal is to clean up diesel emissions of the trucks that are still on the road that do not meet EPA’s requirements for new truck engines. They also want to reduce diesel emissions from other sources (such as marine vessels, agricultural and construction equipment, and school buses.) They believe that they can achieve a 90% reduction in diesel particulate by using a combination of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

August 30 ~ CAB partnered with DEP, GASP, and CAC to be part of a DEP application for an EPA Grant.

August 30 ~ EPA held public hearings to receive comments on the agency’s proposed revisions to the national air quality standards for ground level-ozone. In June, EPA proposed to strengthen the standards, recommending a standard within a range of 0.070 to 0.075 parts per million (ppm). The current standard is 0.08 ppm. CAB participated in the EPA comment period in Philadelphia and urged the EPA panel to reduce the current ozone standard, 0.08 parts per million to one below 0.070 parts per million, which is consistent with what EPA’s own Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee have advised. The Committee has stated that the primary ozone standard should be between 0.060 ppm and 0.070 ppm to protect the public health.

September 13 ~ CAB joined Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Downtown Carlisle Association, LeTort Regional Authority, Dickinson College and other organizations to encourage Borough Council to proceed with a comprehensive traffic study of the downtown and its surrounds for the purpose of preserving and enhancing the long term viability of the downtown area.
Consistent with the goals reflected in the Borough’s adopted comprehensive plan, we believe that a comprehensive traffic study should be done to identify appropriate strategies for addressing the following:

• Determining a flow of traffic that enhances an intimate, small town feeling by “calming” traffic
• Reducing pollutants
• Promoting walking by making it easier for pedestrians to cross the street
• Promoting bicycling by providing bicycle access through the downtown to areas of employment and recreational areas
• Reducing the potential for vehicle accidents
• Maximizing business success in the downtown
• Reducing noise levels
• Improving the accessibility and safety of parking

The strategies to address these goals should be crafted in such as way that there is negligible or no impact on local business, including but not limited to, warehousing and distribution businesses.

September ? ~ CAB presentation to the South Middleton Board of Supervisors (delayed due to Trammel Crow hearings)

October 9 ~ CAB Candidates’ Night at Second Presbyterian Church in Carlisle at 7:00 PM

October 13 ~ CAB information and arts table at Carlisle’s Octuberfest

October 16 ~ DEP presented the anti-idling regulation to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB). The EQB approved the proposal of this regulation, with only one “no” vote by Joe Deklinski, alternate for Representative Scott E. Hutchinson.  There will be a 60 day comment period after it is published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. This probably will happen in December, 2007.  You may pick up a petition to collect signatures to support the regulation from the office of Second Presbyterian Church, Carlisle or contact Pam Frohman at PamFrohman@gmail.com .  The date for returning the petitions to CAB is January 15, 2007.

October 20 ~ CAB received letter of support from Carlisle Regional Medical Center

November 1 ~ participated in the survey for the Carlisle borough comprehensive traffic study

November 3 ~ participated in the Dickinson College environmental clubs sponsored ‘Step It Up 2007’ program at Carlisle Central Farmers’ Market

November 8 ~ CAB met with Mike Hurley, transportation director for Carlisle Area School District about stopping unnecessary bus idling and began formulating a pilot outreach/educational program for drivers

November 9 ~ participated in the Carlisle borough traffic study stakeholder’s group to define scope of the traffic study

November 13 ~ met with Rohrer school bus company owner, John Schrantz and his manager and began formulating an outreach program on anti-idling for all their drivers, which include 14 school districts

November 19 ~ presentation about anti-idling to the CASD bus drivers at their quarterly meeting. We developed and distributed a CAB information flyer to all the drivers

November 20 ~ CAB met with George Pomeroy, director of the Center for Land Use and Associate Professor of Geography-Earth Science at Shippensburg University . He is working on a report for the Center for Rural Pennsylvania about the trucking and warehouse industry.  He met with board members to discuss 1) who could be part of a stakeholder’s group and 2) ideas of provisions or considerations a municipality could make when writing their ordinances or regulations concerning trucks, warehouses, drop-lots etc.   This report, although based on economics, could give some guidelines to help protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens.

November 25 ~ presentation to Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church

November 27 ~ presentation to the Mechanicsburg Area Adult Environmental Club

November 28 ~ CAB, UUCV and Keen Transport held a joint press conference at Keen to unveil the portable air quality monitor and announce the winner of the ‘name the monitor’ contest, Connie Rae Clark of Marysville, PA. Her winning entry is ‘Airestotle’.

November 27 ~ met with Cindy Small of Carlisle Regional Medical Center to formulate a plan of how CAB and CRMC could work together

December 4 ~ DEP held public meetings on its proposed re-designation of areas in Pennsylvania which do not meet the new 24 hour fine particulate standard (35 ug/m3).  Cumberland , Dauphin, and Lebanon  counties will be part of a three county non-attainment planning area.  Lancaster and York counties also do not attain the standard, but will be separate planning areas.  CAB sent a letter commenting in support of the re-designation.


January 6, 13 & 20 ~ participated on a panel for Dickinson Presbyterian Church

January 25 ~ met with the Pennsylvania Medical Society about proposed anti-idling regulations and legislation

January 30 ~ participant on the Dickinson College ‘s Focus the Nation educational panel on “Global Warming Solutions”

Feb. 12 ~ met with Representative Will Gabig and staff on anti-idling bill and tax incentives for retrofitting diesel engines

February 13 ~ gave testimony before the Environmental Quality Board on the proposed anti-idling regulations. Over 2500 people signed petitions to support the regulations and many organizations contributed supportive comments as well.

March 5 ~ CABBIE Award Ceremony and Reception honoring technician John Steigleman and Physics Professor Howard C. Long. CABBIE ( Clean Air Board Bold Innovators for the Environment) Awards were presented for their research on the air quality in Cumberland County thirty-five years ago. ‘Airestotle’, our air quality monitor made his first public appearance at the reception after spending two weeks on Tome Science Center , Dickinson College to gather data to compare to the 1970’s data.

March ~ CAB continues to participate on the Carlisle Comprehensive Traffic Stakeholder’s Group

March 17 ~ met with Representative Joseph Markosek Transportation Committee Chair (D) and Bob Mustin about anti-idling legislation

April 1 ~ CAB commented at a public hearing sponsored by DEP and PennDOT on proposed revisions to the transportation conformity provisions of the state implementation plan (SIP)

April 2 ~ met with Representative Mark Keller, Representative Rick Geist Transportation Committee Chair (R), Gregory Grasa, Legislative Research Analyst Transportation Committee and Eric Bugaile, Executive Director of the Transportation Committee (R) about anti-idling legislation

April 3 ~ participant on the Cumberland County Smart Growth Partnership inaugural meeting. Kirk Stoner, Director of Planning for Cumberland County worked with the Commissioners to form a group called the Cumberland County Smart Growth Partnership.  The Partnership will provide input and guidance to the Commissioners on Smart Growth issues in the county

April 3 ~ the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection received a matching grant from EPA to educate diesel highway vehicle owners and operators and the owners/operators of facilities where these vehicles may idle about the benefits of idling reduction through a Diesel Partnership (CAB is one of the partners)

April 10 ~ gave testimony before the Pennsylvania House of Representative Transportation Committee at their hearings regarding Senate Bill 295 (anti-idling).  Thomas Au was our representative at the 9:30AM hearing, which took place in the Irvis Office Building (on the east side of the Capitol building), Room G50 (ground floor).

April 10 ~ supported the Comprehensive Traffic Study of Downtown Carlisle recommendation of the engineering firm on the Borough Council agenda

April 15 ~ presentation to Carlisle Rotary

April 21 ~ met with DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty and her AQ staff about air quality monitoring in Cumberland County

April 24 ~ presentation to Dickinson College ‘Treehouse’ community dinner

May 16 ~ will participate in the Mechanicsburg Middle School educational event with ‘Airestotle’ as part of ‘Environmental Days’ or ‘E-days’. AQ data will be collected prior to this event

May 16 ~ participated in the Mechanicsburg Middle School educational event with ‘Airestotle’ as part of ‘Environmental Days’ or ‘E-days’. AQ data will be collected prior to this event

May 20 ~ DEP reported to its Citizen Advisory Council that DEP was preparing final rule for restrictions on diesel vehicle idling

May ~  DEP’s Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee considers DEP’s final rule proposal for restrictions on diesel vehicle idling.

June 5 ~ CAB “Next Steps” Planning Meeting Part 1

June 8 ~ CAB submits written comments to DEP on its proposed air quality monitoring network plan for 2009

July 10 ~ CAB “Next Steps” Planning Meeting Part 2


Priority Action Items

Raise Public Awareness

  • Develop specific action plans and alternatives for hazardous activity on high pollution days.
  • Prepare and present materials to more groups (e.g., PTA, school nurses, students, …)
  • Sponsor another symposium (next spring?)
  • And a newly identified item: Execute DEP grant for anti-idling education.

Advocate Policy and Practices

  • Advocate cutoff level for school-sponsored sports activities (practices, games) when they would be cancelled due to high air pollutant levels.
  • And a newly identified item: Continue efforts to limit school bus idling.

Monitor Air Quality

  • Obtain and operate a real-time PM2.5 monitor with web-access to the data

CAB Development and Infrastructure

  • Build stronger coalitions
  • Seek corporate and individual sponsorship through “Friends of CAB” with different levels of recognition based on giving.
  • Recruit more public involvement
  • Recruit a Webmaster
  • And a newly identified item: Board should develop a plan for building capacity and for board development.

August 4 & 5 ~ attended National Diesel Partnership Conference

September 1 ~ with a grant from the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation, CAB hired a Project Manager to work ten hours a week on the issues of school bus harmful emissions, developing an Advisory Committee and finding grants for CAB. Start date of 9.1.2008

September 4 ~ CAB Community meeting in Dickinson College Rector Science Complex with program and tour of new facility

September 9 ~ Borough Council passed the traffic calming recommendations presented by Dewberry in their report dated September 2008, authorizing Dewberry to submit the recommendations to PennDOT for review and approval

September13 ~ participated in the inaugural Carlisle Green Festival at LeTort Park

September 16 ~ The Environmental Quality Board voted to approve the idling regulation with Rep. Hutchinson’s staffer as the only no vote. The final regulation will now go to IRRC but its final promulgation will be delayed until at least February, 2009. The Senate Environmental Committee (Senator White is chair) met on Oct 8, 2008 and voted a fourteen day extended review of the regulation which does not begin until after IRRC meets and will carry into the New Year, due to the close of the legislative session on Nov 30, 2008.

September 22 ~ met with House Transportation Committee counsel

September 23 ~ attended House Transportation Committee

September 23 ~ participated in a press conference to announce the Clean Air Partnership. In a ground-breaking step Carlisle Regional Medical Center, The Sentinel, and the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania joined together to form the Clean Air Partnership to protect the health of residents living, working, studying and playing in Cumberland County by providing them with information that will allow them to make informed decisions.  Through the generosity of CRMC and The Sentinel, CAB purchased a continuously-reading Met One BAM-1020 EPA certified air quality monitor. The monitor will transmit both the daily PM2.5 readings in The Sentinel newspaper and the hourly updated readings on their website ( www.cumberlink.com ). The information transmitted from the main office of The Sentinel will give area residents actionable data to help them plan outdoor activities.

October 4 ~ donated money towards nine CASD school bus anti-idling signs

October 7 ~ c ontacted various members of Pennsylvania legislative staff

October 8 ~ Pennsylvania anti-idling state law (SB295) passed unanimously in the Senate and with only nine opposed in the House.  The law goes into effect on February 6, 2009.

October 9 ~ Pennsylvania anti-idling legislation Senate Bill 295 was signed into law by the Governor Rendell

October 11 ~ participated in Carlisle Festival of the Arts with a booth

October 12 ~ invited to join the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce Green Committee

October 16-17 ~ participated in the I-81 Corridor Coalition Conference and will serve on the Environmental Committee

November 6 ~ developed Power Point presentation to explain the new Pennsylvania anti-idling law called Diesel Powered Motor Vehicle Act for presentations and education

November 10 ~ gave presentation to the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association at their annual meeting

November 19 ~ unveiling of Clean Air Partnership BAM-1020 air quality monitor at The Sentinel, with PM2.5 data available on website ( www.cumberlink.com ). A celebration with representatives from the Carlisle Regional Medical Center, The Sentinel and CAB from 4-6PM. The public is welcome!


Ferbuary 6 –  Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act became effective.


May 1 – The last part of Pennsylvania’s Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act became effective,  taking away the temporary exemption allowing long-haul trucks to idle during mandated rest periods.


August 23 –  CAB participated in WITF’s Smart Talk program

November –  CAB comments on EPA new rules to set more protective standards for ozone. These new standards are designed to improve public health, particularly for at- risk groups, like children with asthma.The Clean Air Board actively participated in the EPA rule setting process, providing comments and testimony.

December – Our area has been having unhealthy air this week due to fine particle pollution. DEP declared another (orange) air quality action day, and  DEP weather forecast expected that another inversion would be developing.  We have had high levels of particle pollution since mid December.


Feb. 4 – CAB hosted a meeting at Dickinson College: Paris Climate Accord: Can we live up to the promise?  Four prominent scholars and researchers from Central Pennsylvania attended the Paris climate meetings and reported on the results.

April 26 – CAB hosted a conference at Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg on Reconciling Development and Quality of Life in our communities.  Various speakers addressed development pressures, zoning issues, mitigating measures and the authority of local municipal officials.

October – The Volkswagen diesel emission cheating scandal has been in the news. Now VW has agreed to put $16.5 billion into a trust fund after it admitted to installing software that allowed 475,000 U.S. vehicles to emit up to 40 times the legally allowable emissions.  CAB solicited community input on how this money should be spent to achieve clean air.

February – Keeping Bees and Other Pollinators Safe.  CAB heard from beekeepers and gardeners on how to maintain environmentally friendly gardens and lawns.
May 11 -The Cumberland Conservation Collaborative (CCC) hosted a community forum at the Penn Township Volunteer Fire Department’s Social Hall. The forum, entitled “Preserving Cumberland County’s Rural Landscape & Natural Resources,” focused on development pressures in rural Cumberland County and discussed ways to preserve open space and its agricultural character.
December  – CAB highlights EPA’s attempt to exempt certain “glider trucks” from emission standards applicable to new trucks.  CAB comments to EPA urging EPA not to create a loophole for glider trucks.
February –  Driving Electric Cars: Does it make sense?  We heard from Felix Edem, representing Brennan Motors, about the benefits and costs of driving electric vehicles.
April – Protecting Our Children from Environmental Hazards.  Everyday pollution and contamination, as well as certain appliances can be harmful to young children.  We heard from two doctors on what threats they constitute and  what we can do.
April – CAB comments to EPA on the Clean Power Plan.  CAB urges EPA to retain the Clean Power Plan’s emission reduction strategy.
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