• Please join us for the CAB Community Meeting, usually held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00PM. Please check Posts for speaker information, time, and location.

    Community meetings are generally held at Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA

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Join our efforts by signing up to serve on a committee that interests you.

To sign up, please send an email to cleanairboard@gmail.com with your name, phone number, address and committee(s) on which you would like to serve. Additionally, please indicate if there is a committee for which you would like to consider serving as Chair.

Advocacy Committee

This committee will combine environmental advocacy and independent research, to encourage legislation to keep our air clean; encourage PennDOT to install a ramp to bypass the “miracle mile” connecting I-81 and the turnpike.

Children’s Health Study Committee

This committee will conduct a health study on the effects of PM2.5 and ozone on the children in Central Pennsylvania .

Data Gathering Committee

This committee will identify data that needs to be collected to achieve CAB goals; work to gather solid data on air pollution facing Central Pennsylvania; prepare periodic reports on the data that is gathered, present these reports to CAB and other organizations as appropriate to raise awareness of the air quality problems we have and to educate people of the need for monitoring air quality; partner with local colleges and other organizations with relevant expertise. For the foreseeable future diesel PM2.5 will be the primary pollutant to be monitored.

Fund Raising Committee

This committee will work to bring money from grants, public and private sectors to achieve CAB goals.


National Diesel Partnership Committee

This committee will work with the National Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution, which is part of the Clean Air Task Force. The committee will update partner organizations on what CAB is doing to reduce emissions, and the other partners will share news of their efforts with us. The committee will review and report back to CAB relevant partnership information on effective strategies and current technology issues. The committee also will review research, reports, and fact sheets made available by the Partnership, that may be useful to CAB’s work. The committee may work on obtaining technical support from the Partnership where CAB deems it appropriate.


Public Relations Committee

This committee will respond when press releases are requested and work with elected officials as needed; work as liaison to Pennsylvania environmental organizations, etc. and write articles for our website which highlight CAB’s events and accomplishments.

Responsible Development Committee

This committee will work to encourage responsible land and transportation systems development.  The committee will review community development projects to assess each project’s impact on regional air quality and recommend appropriate measures to eliminate or mitigate those threats.  This committee will also work with representatives from the counties and area townships in Central Pennsylvania to share information and strategies to achieve CAB goals, i.e. take air quality into account when making land use decisions; assisting with ordinance enactment, zoning changes etc.

School Committee

This committee will work with school districts and area school bus companies in Central Pennsylvania to enact guidelines or policies limiting school bus idling; will work with bus contractors and to develop presentations and distribute information to bus drivers; help school districts aggressively pursue grant funding and programs to retrofit and upgrade school bus diesel engines with devices to help control harmful emissions; develop and distribute a brochure to the area Parent/Teacher Organizations about the air quality issue and next steps.

Speakers Committee

This committee will raise awareness of the poor air quality in our community by responding to requests from groups wishing to have us make presentations about CAB; seek out groups for CAB presentations. This committee will plan and organize a symposium to educate the public on the issue of air pollution in our area.

Transportation Committee

This committee will work with the truck facilities and truck owners in Central Pennsylvania to implement programs to reduce diesel emissions. Work may include: surveying truckers to determine their concerns; educating truck drivers of available alternate power units (APU) to eliminate the need for extensive diesel-powered truck idling; encouraging truck facilities to install more APUs; encouraging company owners to educate drivers about anti-idling and electrical units; encouraging company owners to provide incentives to anti-idling, even paying for the APU costs; encouraging owners to retrofit trucks; encouraging owners to seek grants to retrofit; exploring funding options for electrical units or retrofit devices; encourage owners to have nice air conditioned/heated rooms for the drivers who come on to their sites to be out of the extremes of the weather and not idling their trucks while in their cabs.

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