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    Community meetings are generally held at Second Presbyterian Church, 528 Garland Drive, Carlisle, PA

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Clean Air Forum: Tractor Trailers Take a Toll on Air Quality: abc27 News

April 27, 2007: abc27 News

Clean Air Forum: Tractor Trailers Take a Toll on Air Quality

“Don’t let those rolling green hills and farming silos fool you. Much of the midstate has dirty air. A clean air forum discussed how to clean it up.”

DEP Testing Air Quality in Cumberland County: abc27 News Update

June 13th, 2006: abc27 News

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Excerpt:  “The intersection of I-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike is just a few miles away, and because of that a large number of trucks not only pass through the area, but stay there overnight at truck stops and idle. “

CAB Featured in “Journey Woman’s” 50 in 52 Project

Dafna Michaelson and the 50 in 52 Journey

Excerpt: “Moving to Carlisle we find Thomas Benjey and Carolyn Kenworthy of the Clean Air Board (CAB). Most people see trucks on the highway and don’t give them another thought. But when you live in a town where trucks seem to flock to for various reasons and you learn about he pollution those trucks are putting out, especially when idling at truck stops, it becomes more than just doing something about a green planet. With donated funds the Clean Air Board has been helping to raise awareness about the issues of truck pollution in Pennsylvania for some time. Watch this video and see how people really can make a big impact in their communities and their state.”

About 50 in 52, from The Sentinel News:

Dafna Michaelson’s “50 in 52 Journey” project to highlight problem-solvers in America’s communities should wrap up the last week of December in her home state of Colorado.

Her Web site, www.50in52journey.com, currently has 230 videos up.